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Molybdenum Wire

View ASTM B387 Wire Mesh, 0.18mm Mo1 wire for EDM

Molybdenum Wire is made up of commercially pure grade molybdenum with over 99.95% purity. The density of the material is high and the melting point is very high, next only to titanium and tungsten among the entire spectrum of elements. Navstar Steel is one of the leading Molybdenum Wire manufacturers India and is a leading supplier. The wires range in specifications such as ASTM B387. The wire diameter ranges as well. There are EDM, spray wire, standard wire and clean wire types.

EDM 0.18mm Mo2 wire, Molybdenum Cutting Wire, Check Latest Price of Molybdenum Spray Wire

They range from 0.006 inches to 1/8 inches in diameter depending on the type. The ASTM B387 Wire Mesh is used in high heat applications. The material is being used in place of tungsten more and more in the recent times. The 0.18mm Mo1/Mo2 wire for EDM can be used in high temperature resistant furnaces, heating elements, automotive parts and in the aerospace industry as well. The material can also be used as the Molybdenum Cutting Wire.

The material is stable and the wire has no scratches or distortions despite the smaller diameters. The surface finish of the wire is black as it is supplied. The Molybdenum Spray Wire and the clean wires retain the oxide layers on the surface which gives them a nice black look. The layer also avoids further oxidation and corrosion on the Molybdenum Wire for EDM as well. Please contact us for more information on the molybdenum wire products and prices.

ASTM B387 Wire Mesh Specification Format

Type: Molybdenum Wires
Material: W61 / W91, Pure Molybdenum and Alloy molybdenum
Purity: 99.95%Min.
Melting Point: 3410
Surface: Polished
Density: 19.2g/cm3
Diameter: 0.01-2.00mm, Dia. 0.18mm
Tungsten color: Black and White
Grade Mo1,Mo2,TZM,Mo-La
Tensile Strength: 2770 N/mm2

Chemical Properties of 0.18mm Mo1 wire for EDM

Element Ni Mg Fe Pb Al Bi Si Ca P Cu
Concentration(%) 0.0006 0.0006 0.001 0.0006 0.003 0.0006 0.003 0.0006 0.001 0.0006
Element C O Sb
Concentration(%) 0.001 0.005 0.0006
Purity(Metallic Base) Mo≥99.95%

Mechanical Properties of EDM 0.18mm Mo2 wire

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength (annealed) 324 MPa 47000 psi
Shear strength (torsional strain rate 0.25/s) 500 MPa 72500 psi
Compressive yield strength (0.01% yield) 400 MPa 58000 psi
Modulus of elasticity 330 GPa 47900 ksi
Modulus of elasticity at elevated temperature (@2000°C/3630°F) 160 GPa 23200 ksi
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion:

5 x 10-6 cm/cm @ 25 o C

Electrical Conductivity:

34% I.A.C.S.

Thermal Conductivity:

1.38 W/cm/K @ 298.2 K

Electrical Resistivity:

5.2 microhm-cm @ 0 o C

List Of Molybdenum Cutting Wire Types

Molybdenum Wire1

Molybdenum Cutting Wires 0.18mm for EMD Machine

Molybdenum Wire2

Dia 0.18mm EDM guangming Molybdenum Wires

Molybdenum Wire3

Molybdenum wires 018mm 010mm 0.18mm 55mm 0075mm 01mm for edm

Molybdenum Wire4

0.18mm Diamond Moly Wires Edm molybdenum wire

Molybdenum Wire5

Edm 0.18mm x2000M Molybdenum Wires For Wires Cutting Machine

Molybdenum Wire6

Dia0.18mm Molybdenum Wires For Edm Cutting

Molybdenum Wire7

60 mesh 0.15mm Molybdenum wires

Molybdenum Wire8

0.18 0.18mm 0.25mm Edm Molybdenum Moly Wires For Cutting

Molybdenum Wire9

50-100 M 0.18 Mm High Temperature Molybdenum Wires

We have Large Stock of Molybdenum Wire for EDM, Molybdenum Wire Mesh weight, ASME SB387 Molybdenum Disilicide Wire in India

Weight Chart Of Molybdenum Spray Wire

Diameter (μm)
Weight (mg/200mm)
Weight (mg/200mg) Tolerance (%) Diameter Tolerance (%)
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2
20≤d<30 0.65~1.47 ±2.5 ±3
30≤d<40 >1.47~2.61 ±2.0 ±3
40≤d<100 >2.61~16.33 ±1.5 ±3
100≤d<400 >16.33~256.2 ±1.5 ±4
400≤d<600 ±1.5 ±2.5
600≤d<3200 ±1.0 ±2.0
Check Molybdenum Cutting Wire 0.18mm for EMD Machine, View Properties of ASTM B387 Molybdenum Rhenium Wire

Molybdenum Wire for EDM Physical Properties

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 10.3 g/cm³ 0.369 lb/in³
Melting point 2625°C 4760°F
Typical Application Description Available Diameters Tolerances
Support Wires Cleaned .003″ to .020″ ± 3% wt
Support Wire Cleaned .020″ to .050 “ ± 1.5% dia
Redraw Wire Black .001″ to .020″ ± 3% wt
Redraw Wires Black .020″ to .060″ ± 1.5% dia
Heating Elements Cleaned .001″ to .020″ ± 3% wt
Heating Elements Cleaned .020″ to .250″ ± 1.5% dia
Mandrel Wires Cleaned .004″ to .020″ ± 1% to 3% wt
Halogen Leads Cleaned .010″ to .035″ ± 3% wt
Support Wire Cleaned .003″ to .030″ ± 3% wt
Heating Elements Cleaned .001″ to .020″ ± 3% wt
Heating Elements Cleaned .020″ to .250″ ± 1.5% dia
Aircraft and Automotive Windshield Defrosting Special oxidized <.001″ to .003″ (also can be ordered by Wire resistance) ± 3% wt
Other Varied applications Cleaned .003″ to .030″ ± 3% wt

Surface Finish Of Molybdenum Wire Mesh

Code Conditions of Finished Products Code Conditions of Finished Products Code Conditions of Finished Products
C Chemical Cleaned DS Drawn + Straightened EHS Electrolytic Polished + Annealed+ Straightened
CS Chemical Cleaned + Straightened E Electrolytic Polished ES Electrolytic Polished + Straightened
D Drawn EH Electrolytic Polished+ Annealed H Annealed
Molybdenum Wire Manufacturer in india, gold molybdenum wire cutting line, buy Grade Mo1 wire at reasonable prices in india

ASME SB387 Molybdenum Disilicide Wire Price per kg

Molybdenum Cutting Wire Price List Molybdenum Spray Wire Per Unit (INR)
018mm molybdenum wires price $1.00-$200.00/ Kilometer
pure molybdenum heating element wires Price List $55.00-$60.00/ Kilogram
2000 Meter 0.18 Molybdenum Wire Rs 2,800/ Unit
25m 1-2mm ASTM B387 Wires Mesh $30.00-$65.00/ Kilogram