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Zirconium Wire

Check 0.5mm ZR5668 Wire, Zirconium Wire Mesh Supplier in India

Zirconium Wire looks like silver. The wires are most suiting for nuclear power industries because of the high melting point of 1855 degrees Celsius and small neutron adsorption cross section. The wires are used in springs, meshes and electrodes because of the high corrosion resistance, especially for acids.

Check Zirconium Welding Wire, ZR5668 Zirconium Filler Wire Sizes

The 0.5mm ZR5668 Wire and other dimensional wires are used in different industrial and commercial applications. Navstar Steel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the wires in different forms and dimensions such as the Zirconium Wire Mesh. The material can come in different grades such as 702, 704 and 705. There are also zircalloy-2 and zircalloy-4 types. The material composition has tin, iron, chromium, nickel, hafnium and niobium in the composition. The Zirconium Welding Wire and other types of wires come in 0.5mm to 10mm diameters and varying lengths from 50mm to 2500mm and more.

The ZR5668 Zirconium Filler Wire and the other types have good yield strength up to 379MPa and the tensile strength varies up to 552MPa. There are variations of the wires such as the ERZr2 Zirconium Copper Wire. They come under the specification B551 and different grades as mentioned. The density of the material is 6.4 grams per centimeter cube. Please contact us for more information on the various types of wires such as the r60702 Zirconium tig Wire and other forms and prices.

0.5mm ZR5668 Wire Material Specification

Weight in meter ≈1.31g/m
Quantity 1meter
Odor Odorless
Physical Form Wires, ≈1.31g/meter
Purity in Percent 99.2%
Chemical Material Zr wires, 0.5milimeter (0.020 inch) dia., Annealed
Assay (metals basis excluding Hf) Hf 4.5% max
Zirconium Material Chart ERZr2, ERZr4, ERZr3, high purity zirconium
Size Chart 0.3-6.0milimeter diameter x L
Specification ASTM B550, 550M-07, AWS A5.24

ERZr2 Zirconium Copper Wire, UNS R60702 Zirconium tig Wire, Zirconium Welding Rods Wires Manufacturer in India

Zirconium Wire Mesh Chemical Structure

Grade Chart Sn H N Zr+Hf Hf Fe+Cr C O Nb
R60702/ERZr2 - <0.005% <0.015% 99.2% <4.5% <0.20% <0.030% <0.15% -
R60704/ERZr3 97.5% <4.5% 0.2-0.4% 1.0-2.0% <0.005% <0.015% <0.030% <0.16% -
R60705/ERZr4 95.5% <4.5% <0.2% - <0.005% <0.015% <0.050% <0.16% 2.0-3.0%

Zirconium Welding Wire Mechanical Properties Table


IN 2 in.
IN 50 mm

KSI* MPa** KSI* MPa**
Annealed (A) 35 241 10 68 55
Half Hard (1/2H) 62 427 53 365 11
Hard (H) 68 468 60 413 10
Extra Hard (XH) 70 482 62 427 10.5
Spring 72 496 63 434 11

Basic Types Of ZR5668 Zirconium Filler Wire

Zirconium Wire1

Pure Zr702 Zr704 Zr705 wires

Zirconium Wire2

ASTM B550 zr 702 wires

Zirconium Wire3

zr wires with dia1.6mm

Zirconium Wire4

200 - 1000 m UNS R60702 wires

Zirconium Wire5

zirconium Welding wires Dia 1mm

Zirconium Wire6

R60702 R60704 Dia 0.25/0.5 Zr Wires

ERZr2 Zr Copper Wire Size Chart In Mm

Dia in mm Diameter in mm Dia in inches
1.14 1.2 mm 0.045
1.57 1.6 mm 0.03
2.3 2 mm 0.04
3.175 3.15 mm 0.047
PED Approved UNS ZR0929 Zirconium Wire Weight Chart, Zr702 Zr700 pure zirconium coiled wire, Check ASTM B550 zirconium 702 wire properties

UNS R60702 Zirconium tig Wire Physical Composition

Melting Point 1795 to 1975°F 980 to 1080°C
Density .321 lb/cu inch @ 68°F 8.89 gm/centimeter@ 20°Celcius
Specific Gravity 8.89 8.89
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion .000094 per °Farenheit (68-572°F) .000017 per °Celcius (20-300°C)
Thermal Conductivity Chart 212 BTU/sq ft/ft/hr/°Farenheit @ 68°F .876 cal/sq cm/cm/sec/°Celcius @ 20°C
Electrical Resistivity (Aged) 11.2 Ohms circ mil per ft @ 68°Farenheit 1.86 microhm – cm @ 20°Celcius
Electrical Conductivity (Aged)† 93% Copper IACS @ 68°F .538 megohm cm @ 20°C
Specific Heat Treatment .092 BTU/lb/°F @ 68°F .092 cal/gm/°C @ 20°C
Modulus of Elasticity (tension) 18,700 KSI 13,000 kg/sq mm
Modulus of Rigidity in mm 7300 KSI 5000 kg/sq mm
Annealing Temperature †† in Celcius 1600-1700°F 870-970°C
Aging Temperature

930-1020°F (1-4 hr.)
700-890°F (1-4 hr.)

500-550°C (1-4 hr.)
370-475°C (1-4 hr.)
Best Price & Fast Delivery of Zirconium Alloy Wire, Zirconium 702 Wire in India. Check Zirconium Vape Wire Dimension

Zirconium Welding Rods Wire Price List in India

Zirconium Wires Price List Zirconium Welding Wires Per Unit (INR)
Zr702 Zr700 pure Zr coiled wires price $70.00-$100.00/ Kilogram
zirconium wires Price List $80.00-$200.00/ Kilogram
Pure Zr702 Zr704 Zr705 Zirconium wires $30.00-$55.00/ Kilogram
ASTM B550 Zr 702 wires $30.00-$65.00/ Kilogram